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Essence of You by
Brenda Lanigan

Are you looking to end the monotony of feeling trapped, wishing things could be different? What if you could end the cycle of being in the same place, year after year, stepping off the hamster wheel of woulda, shouldas and couldas? What if you took effortless action and create the life you dream of...

  • *A life that excites you...
  • *A life that gives you the motivation to get out of bed each day…
  • *A life of conscious creation.
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Brenda Lanigan

Transforming Tools

"There is the magic that happens when you begin to transform your life. You notice things that were in plain sight, but because of your thoughts and mindset, were not in your vision of reality."

What If: Positive Possibilities Book

"I created this book to be fun, simple and a quick way to begin your day!"

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Natures Devas: Oracle Cards

"Nature Devas encourages you through its healing messages."

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What If...A Roadmap for Manifesting Your Dreams

With this roadmap in place, the possibilities are endless, and you hold the key to unlock a future filled with joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

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What If... Positive Possibilities For Your Life: Journal


Brenda Lanigan

Social Service Worker/
Certified Lifestyle Coach

Sharing wisdom with over 25 years experience in holistic treatments. Trainer of Mental Health, Trauma and creator/ facilitator of Lifestyle Programs (with a holistic twist!) for homeless individuals. Brenda’s love, as you will see is reconnecting with yourself, nature and the beauty that surrounds you.

More About Me

I Have Experience With…

Social Service Worker/Certified Life and Holistic Coach

For a decade, I worked as a Social Service Worker at a non-profit organization, helping clients regain control of their lives and progress forward by providing them with various options. I also conducted group life skills sessions with a holistic approach, which was tremendously rewarding and the inspiration for my book "What If...365 Positive Possibilities for Your Life! Obtaining certification and acquiring additional training in holistic and life coaching has expanded my abilities to support clients, both individually and in group settings.

Mental Health

I have gained valuable experience in the field of trauma and mental health by working with clients dealing with hoarding, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, addiction issues, as well as by serving as a former trainer and facilitator for Mental Health First Aid and Crisis Prevention and Intervention.

Colour Therapy

Promoting good mental health through the sharing the benefits of colors, while also incorporating self-care practices and learning to breathe in these vibrant hues for overall better health and wellbeing. Additionally, exploring the benefits of color light therapy to uplift, balance and restore your mind, body and spirit.

Holistic Therapies

By integrating a range of holistic techniques like Reiki, Ho'onoponopono, and Essential Oils, along with positive mindset and Person Centered Training tailored to each client's requirements, our coaching sessions offer a more profound level of self-awareness, transformation, and the power to effect change

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⋇❣⋇What my clients are saying...⋇❣⋇

"Brenda is an amazing coach. She takes time, cares and dedicates herself to every case individually. I highly recommend Brenda for all of your coaching needs!"

Vannesa H

"Brenda has opened my eyes on my path and has guided me and provided a safe place to learn and ask questions without feeling judged."

Bill M

"Brenda's gentle soul has guided me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery!"

Rhonda M

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